Week 1: The Feels


1 down and 3 to go! My first week is officially finished with no cheats! I am actually loving this diet, who’s shocked? Meal prepping has been so fun, which sounds like a joke, but getting my salad ready for work the next day when I know it’s gonna be super tasty is the besssst. No gonna lie, it has been tough SOMETIMES. I’ve had to find alternative ways of eating things I enjoy and not giving into pressure when eating out with friends. According to the Fed Up documentary I watched, you can eat about 6 tablespoons of sugar a day. It’s not a lot, and even less when you realize how much stuff you eat actually has sugar in it. I actually had these fig bars I used to eat for a snack that I thought were healthy and they actually have 10 grams of sugar. 10!!!!! I have to check the content of pretty much everything I eat to be sure it doesn’t have a bunch of sugar and sometimes it can be annoying. 

I’m down to 3 packs of sugar in my coffee now. I know, I know, it should be zero, but cold turkey is scary and my office coffee is pretty gross and I’M ONLY A SMALL IDIOT GIRL. I’m currently trying to find a coffee that’s good, not bitter and doesn’t cost a bunch. So far its a struggle but next week I’m gonna try for only 1 pack of sugar and see how that goes. 

I’ve also been spreading out my meals as well. I used to save most of the bulk of my eating for dinner, but to honest, that’s probably why I wake up so bloated and weird the next day. This past week I decided to start having a small salad in the middle of my day and its been so great. I’m way less hangry on the subway and not having to eat 12 snack while my dinner cooks. So far, the only non-vegan things I’ve been eating are eggs and the occasional bit of tuna in my salads. I’ll probably stick to my plant-based diet simply because I enjoy it. Also, who can cook chicken in a skillet plz respond.


The weekend DEFINITELY put me to the test. I went out with a friend on Friday after work because it was absolutely beautiful weather and didn’t have time to go home and eat. I ended up eating at like 10 pm (I know ew), but it was just a really good kale salad and my friend got pizza. The next day I didn’t feel gross or bloated and I was like “damn I could get used to this.” The next day I went to brunch with another friend and even though all the “unhealthy” food sounded so good, I stuck with just some eggs, toast and greens. Then, I went out again and everyone I was with got burgers and fries and I wanted one so bad I was eternally screaming. BUT! I resisted the drunken urge and I’m still here to tell the tale. Like I said, this hasn’t been easy, but the way I’ve felt this week has made it worth it. I highly recommend anyone considering it, to try it.

Snacks/foods that are getting me through this:


These little Halo mandarin oranges are an actual God sent. I got them on a whim and they’ve turned into my new replacement for the vegan cookies I was eating at night. So sweet and easy to eat and I literally don’t even like oranges. They are the easiest to-go snacks and just the best I’m keeping them in my fridge all the time, forever. 

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetYa’ll, I got this as an alternative to peanut butter and its so good. Only 3 grams of sugar and so tasty. I got crunchy because I love the extra “umph” it gives it. I put it on a cracker + some banana and chia seeds and it’s perf. 

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

This is honestly my favorite gluten-free wrap I’ve tried (believe me I’ve tried a bunch). Doesn’t get super hard in the microwave, although it is pretty flimsy so you gotta be careful with it so it doesn’t break off. I switched from gluten-free bread simply because I couldn’t find one that wasn’t in a freezer and freezer bread is the actual worst. I can eat these with avocado and salsa and be full for at least a couple hours, so major key. 

Also random funny thing: on Saturday while I was out (drinking), I wanted some junk food. Obviously, I wasn’t going to, but I got this gum at CVS:


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I literally had like 8 pieces throughout the night and being real, it kinda did the job. I forgot how much I loooooveee gum. I ate the entire pack in 1 day, don’t @ me.

Anyway, excited for the next week! I have a bunch of new things I’m gonna try!

Health-Reboot: My 30 day Challenge

About a year ago, my roommate decided she wanted to cut bread and cheese out of her diet. At first, I was like “Excuse me bread and cheese are my only joys in life, no way am I doing that.” Then, my competitive side took over and I decided to join her. Not gonna lie, it was hard. It helped a lot that we kept each other accountable, even going as far as confessing to each other about eating a singular cracker. We allowed ourselves one cheat day a week and we stuck to it for a whole month. I kept it up even after our “month” because I loved the way that diet made me feel overall.

My move to NYC changed my lifestyle dramatically. I lost an hour because of time difference and also had to wake up earlier if I wanted to get any type of workout in. I struggled for a few months and it took a toll on my body. I was tired and hungry all the time and you can guess what happened. My eating habits suffered and I struggled to keep up. 

Flash forward to now and I still feel like my diet has taken a backseat. I don’t like to be repetitive in my diet, but buying too much variety invites waste (veggies and fruit go bad QUICKLY). Introducing more lenience in my diet has kinda made me slack off a bit. Working out has always been the more enjoyable/easy part of my healthy lifestyle as most would agree. After enjoying myself to the fullest while at home in NOLA (hey fried food and powdered sugar galore), I decided to do a healthy eating reboot. 

Last year, I would eat whatever I wanted for one meal. This time, I really wanna try to go the full-on month. After 1 month, I wanna slowly get less strict and introduce a more lenient diet. Not gonna throw caution to the wind afterwards, but my Easter candy is gonna be calling my name by then (it already is, let’s be real). 

Things I’ll be cutting out of my diet:

Since my diet is already pretty restrictive, I want to highlight what I’ll actually be cutting out and some things I’ll be introducing into it.

Sugar: You may, or may not know this, but I eat a lot of sugar. A LOT. I put at least 9 packs of it in my coffee and I eat vegan cookies and ice cream as part of my dinner “treat” or whatever you wanna call it. These three things are gonna be the hardest part of what I’m cutting out because I love my sugar and I love to say how much I need it. To be completely honest, I’ve been meaning to cut down on the sugar in my coffee, but it just tastes like shit without it. Also, I did watch Fed up, but it really didn’t say anything I didn’t already know. All in all, I’m cutting this out and trying to keep it that way, long term (hoping I’ll get used to it, let us pray). 

Having a cheat meal just cause it’s the weekend: I do this all the time. I barely crave whatever the food is, I just eat it because I’ll be mad that I didn’t do it when I wanna do it later in the week. Does that make sense? Nope. So out it goes. Pizza will still be here after a month. 

Things I’ll be introducing into my diet:

Eggs: So I can no longer call myself a vegan – whoops. I can’t give a reason for why I re-introduced this. It’s quick, its filling and I missed them. So there. Also what else is there to eat that’s healthy and filling for breakfast? (Genuinely asking cause help). 

Fish: Not eating this on the daily, but a girl can only eat so many salads and cauliflower rice, dudes. Tofu still grosses me out and I already eat veggie burgers so I reintroduced this. I’m human and I need variety. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: I decided to try this after some influence from a healthy-body-goals person I follow on insta. She puts it on her salads and stuff, but I’m sticking to drinking it one time a day in a glass of water. It’s not great, kinda tastes like drinking salad dressing. Lil tip: for the love of G-O-D SHAKE THE BOTTLE EVERY TIME YOU USE IT. I made the mistake of not doing it and it separates to where all the awfulness is at the top. It’s horrifying how bad that tastes. 

What this is not about:

I’m not necessarily doing this to lose weight. Obviously if I can come out of this with these arms,


 like, great side effect!!!!!! That’s not my (total) reasoning though. I feel like I haven’t been making the best decisions when it comes to food and I wanna get back to being proud of how I eat. I love challenging myself in new ways and honestly, it’s just cool to be able to say I did it. Not that it’s saving lives or kittens or anything, but still a positive thing (for me at least). Okay wish me luck guys.