Your Weekly Vibes

So I blogged at a new spot today in SoHo aka my favorite area lol. Ate the best cupcakes at Molly’s Cupcakes. Like better than Magnolia, seriously. (ps not vegan just good lol).

Anyways, continuing the never ending saga of the vibes.

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Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray on Amazon $5.91 (2 OZ)

I used to use this sea salt spray from lush that was, I wanna say $15? And when I asked the girl like “hey will this actually give me wavy hair? Like my hair never does that.” She was like “oh yeah totally.” Of course it didn’t and I’m annoyed that she pretended it would. At the same time, how would she know but still. Don’t advocate for things you don’t believe in sheesh. So I used that for a while and liked it okay but after I ran out, I just never got any more of it. I bought this one cause it has some pretty decent reviews and it smelled really good. I’ve given up on finding anything that makes my stick-straight hair wave, HOWEVER, this stuff makes my hair smell so good. When my hair dries, it dies. Its soon flat and feels thin i don’t know why. But this stuff give it life and not a bunch, but a perfect amount of soft volume.

Nexxus Shampoo Emergencee Conditioner on Amazon $16.97

Okay I got this at CVS for too much money and turns out its half that on Amazon ugh. Anyway, I mostly get this because it smells like, actually candy heaven. I feel like after I wash my hair I smell like an expensive goddess who wears like Gucci or something. I would say using this on top of the sea salt spray above leaves me with #hairsmellgoals

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Unisa Caytea Velvet Bootie @ DSW $49.99

I just got these cuutteeeee lil booties the other day at DSW cause I have been dying for tiny heeled booties (also note they are called cayteas lol). These KILLEDDDDD my feet the first time I wore them because I have giant gorilla feet and really needed to break them in, so don’t try to wear them all night the first time you wear them lol. I walk everywhere in New York cause I just love looking around the city (and kinda hate the unpredictable train) so finding good shoes that are cute, don’t hurt my feet and aren’t sneakers is so hard. Tbh after a while even my sneakers start to rub. These are so cute because they have a subtle design, they’re flat and closed toe. I’ve already wore them way too much they are now my go-to shoes.

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Also please enjoy this aesthetic pic of me that my friend took in my favorite skirt. (its sold out rn but Forever 21 is good about restocking the good stuff).


Vigilant Eats Superfood Oats Cereal on Amazon $24.80 (6 pack)

In my attempt to find overnight oats at whole foods, I failed, but I failed upwards in that this stuff is so good. It’s gluten free, vegan, and still super tasty. I added a banana cause I’ve been eating this like a bunnnccchh lately. It says you can put cold water in it but uh I recommend regular hot water cause cold sounds gross. I’ve been on a oatmeal kick and this makes it easy, no spices or sugar needed.

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Heads up!!! PSA!!!!! Pure Barre is doing your first week free ladies!!!! Yeah literally a week of classes for free! I scheduled one every single day next week lol!!! Anyway, I was supposed to do this on Saturday but I was a little tired (and hungover) and rescheduled to Sunday where I vowed to get my life together. Okay so going in she was like, “just a heads up you’re gonna be overwhelmed cause we go super fast just try to listen to me instead of looking other people.” My visual-learner-havin-ass was like oh okay sure. So she was 100% right, it was fast as shit. She said to listen to her, but like most workout classes, they gonna play rave-y EDM music during the entire thing, so I could barely hear her. All in all, however I got a really good workout in. I like the combo of Barre and pilates. My body will most definitely be sore tomorrow (and all of the rest of next week because I signed up for everyday lol).

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I’ve been listening to podcasts while at work these days because It calms me and makes the day go faster, I was trying to find one I liked as much as Pod Save America and was failing horribly. Most of the comedy ones were just comedians talking to themselves which is really strange to me or they would just be soo boring that I didn’t wanna listen anymore. I finally started listening to this one and fell in looovvveeeee. I know yawl all probably think I’m a serial killer now, but I promise its so fascinating knowing how these  murders thought, their lives, and how they got to where they are. (okay yeah that sounds weird to be into lol). Listen to one and I swear you’ll believe me,

Un-Success of the Week√

So the only thing I could think of for this was me getting hit(or pushed, nudged?) by a car this week looking at apartments. I’m totally fine btw, but this dude like was not paying attention and like kinda shoved me with his car. I had the right of way cause the little light thing was telling me to go so if I would’ve died I could totally haunt his ass and be justified. I didn’t fall or anything, but obviously my heart came out of my mouth and screamed for dear life like “omg i’ve barely lived plz no!!!” I then proceeded to have, what can only be described as an “adrenaline black out while being awake” and cursed this guy into the next century (i would never do that in my normal life so thats why I say I must have blacked out). Also if you tell this story to your mom, she’ll just say oh my god in a worried tone whereas your friends will laugh hysterically. I will definitely be paying attention more when crossing the street (apparently even crosswalkers need to be on defense who knew).


Your Weekly Vibes

For the next couple weeks (while I still live in Bushwhick), this lil place is where I’ll be blogging the vibes. Basically I’m broke Carrie Bradshaw nbd.

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Dove Dry Shampoo on Amazon $3.74

Not to be dramatic, but Dry Shampoo saved my life. I started using it probably my freshman year of college and fell in love. My hair is just naturally greasy and flat hair is not my friend so before this magic, I was just using good ole baby powder and headbands. The problem with dry shampoo, however, is some of them give you white hair and make it so dry and sticky. I have tried A BUNCH of different ones that smell weird or just don’t even do anything?? Thankfully, Dove doesnt leave white junk (unless you put like a pound of it, which I have done) and it gives my hair amazing volume, so I use it even when its not greasy, just flat af. In other words, my hair is 50% Dove dry shampoo always and forever.

Maybelline Color Correcting Pen @ Target $7.99

Okay so I’m so late to this game because I suck at makeup and really hate having a bunch of crap on my face all the time because breakouts. HOWEVER, this whole color correcting thing is something I can get behind. I put this on for the first time last week and legitimately forgot to put on my concealer after cause hashtag no redness!!!!!! Since this is the first one I’ve ever tried, I can’t say its the best, but its just green stuff so I doubt other ones are much different. (Also maybelline makes my fave mascara so its probably the best tbh).

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Stovepipe Pants @ H&M $29.99

Since I have a real people job, I gotta get real people clothes cause I can’t just wear jeans everyday. Literally as soon as I got the job I went to H&M and got these super cute pants. They have that low-key man-pants vibe, which is trendy***~~~ rn and very comfortable (plus real pockets). I’m wearing them with one of my favorite bodysuits that I’ve had for a while but here here and here are some cute ones too. Also wearing my new favorite belt and sneakers of course. And yes I did take this in the bathroom at work because I don’t have a full-length at home and I think it’s weird asking random people to take pictures of you ok!!!!!

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I know this is weird and i have no idea what possessed me to buy this, but I did. They’re actually good???? They taste the exact same, no joke. I actually starting to wonder what the heck are in these things, but also amazed at how much people stigmatize Vegans and Vegetarians as people who are like missing out on stuff, when really our shit taste the same and i don’t feel like a giant cow after.

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Arms and Abs Blogalites 

Since I live upstairs and I ain’t got no space, its hard for me to find workouts that break a sweat but don’t make a bunch of noise. I’ve done a few of her “apartment friendly” workouts and they usually don’t do much for me, This one, however, I actually broke a pretty good lil sweat. Working out has been a struggle with my current schedule and living situation, but workouts like this definitely help.


I did a bunch of fun stuff this weekend since I got my first pay check lol and I just wanted a fun crazy weekend cause you need those every now and then.

Friday, I saw the one and only Jim Gaffigan live at the Beacon Theater which was so funny and cool. The theatre is gorgeousss and I felt real fancy in there. One of the things I’m learning to do in New York is spending a lot of time just with myself (just cause friends can sometimes be few and far between in a city like this). So I took my own beautiful ass to this show. It felt a little weird, not gonna lie, but I had fun and I got to see a comedian I would’ve never seen back home.

Saturday was one for the books. I explored SoHo with some cool ladies and I love that area and just wanna live there tbh. The shops were so fancy, we even went into this cool lil market and I almost went full-blown hipster and got some fake glasses (don’t even judge me). Got dinner at this stunning restaurant and bar called Antique Garage. They had chandeliers, a fancy bathroom, and a man was playing the piano in the corner. I wanted to like remember ever second of it forever! Definitely made me fall even more in love with NYC. Then went to a couple clubs, which made me nervous cause I haven’t been clubbing in NYC yet and it looks intensee. Somehow, the people I was with knew some club promoters, so my lucky butt got to enjoy drinks for free (no gross man required thank u). The music was fab and the company was fab-er so a successful Saturday night in the city!


Spluuurrrrrggeeeeeee™/ Un-success of the week√

I did Soul-cycle when I first came here last summer and I really liked it. For some reason, this time was a no-go. I guess since I’ve done cycling classes before this one was just sub-par?? I really don’t know, It really gave me a strange cult-y vibe with all the music and shouting and periodical darkness and it just wasn’t long enough for me (only about 15 minutes of straight work). I went in expecting to feel exhausted afterward and that’s just not what I got. Also, there was a weird part where we slowed down and I thought it was about to be over and then we picked it up again, only to stop after – it was strange. All around blah. (so this is un-success and a splurge)

My second un-success was me and color correcting. I got this shade because I have naturally dark circles, no matter how much I sleep (they do look worse when I don’t sleep, however). Not really paying much attention to the colors, like an idiot I got dark ass red and was then promptly informed by my beauty-expert friend that I should’ve gotten a peachy color. I tried to just make it work a couple times, but I just looked sickly and off cause it was just too dark for me. Also, I put it on the first day I got it and didn’t put makeup over it cause i never put makeup on on Sundays. Well I forgot about it and went to do my laundry and as I walked down the street I was getting some kinda weird looks and I was like wtf do I have food on my face??? and then I remembered my eyes looked like they had just finished bleeding which tends to frighten people.

This Week Vibin

Sorry this one is LATE AF (and by late I mean, I never did one last week lol). I started a new job, so I work FULL TIME THANK U I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!@!#@!#@! (me forever for no reason about things I can definitely do). So maybe I should stop saying I’m broke???? Maybe I’m still broke who knows, I haven’t even gotten my first pay check yet. Okay on to the goodzzzzzzz.

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NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer @ Sephora $45.00

I was kinda struggling on what to post here as far as beauty goes since I haven’t gotten anything new in a while. I decided just to show you a couple things I use already that you should all know and love as well okay. I love NARS tbh. I have tried their blush(more on that later), foundation, lipstick(I lost it somehow but it was a good one) and now their tinted moisturizer. I got this on a whim because Too Faced decided one day they were just not gonna sell tinted moisturizer anymore and didn’t even consult me on it. I like the light weight of tinted moisturizer just because my skin likes to breakout still even though I’m old, and when I wear foundation on the reg it tends not to like that. I haven’t bought this in a while (i am running out and refuse to go out and get more until every drop is gone from the bottle) and didn’t realize it was so expensive?? I’ll try to do better guys I just wanted a brand I could trust.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Cream on Amazon $8.49

Okay so I don’t use this particular product the way you’re supposed to fyi. You’re SUPPOSED to let this stuff sit on your legs and burn like the pits of hell in the summer, but I love myself so I don’t do that. Instead, I use it as shaving cream and that is the secret to life. For some reason I have yet to find something that gets my legs so smooth. Yes it smells like dog breath and farts, but it works, so just put some lotion on to mask the smell later.



MoYoTo Womens Genuine Leather Belt on Amazon $14.99

No I don’t make so much money at my new job that I can suddenly afford a Gucci belt- sheesh. I actually stole this idea from another blogger (lol) cause she posted an outfit with this and I was like ?!??!?! okay we’re the same age there’s no way she can afford a Gucci belt and I can’t????????? So I clicked on that shop the feed thing or whatever and saw that she tagged this as an option and I was like whhhaaaaattttt where has this been all my life even though I was never looking?? It’s great for my current NYC life cause I feel like I have to keep up with the 1% as you do. 



Free Bread Inc. Gluten free bread at Whole Foods $9.00

My journey through veganism continues. I stopped eating gluten as well (idk if I ever mentioned that?), not because gluten is “bad for you” or because I’m allergic or whatever I just noticed that I am very bloated and kinda icky after eating normal breads and pasta and I would like to enjoy my pasta without feeling like I ate 70 pounds of food. I’ve tried a couple brands of this. Tbh Trader joes has a pretty good one, but the bread pieces are elf sized- so not really ideal. This one tastes like sour-doughy and spongy and very bread- like. I am impressed, and its made for people, not elves.



One of the best things about NYC is all the random free stuff that goes on around here. Which is especially good since everything else costs money so its nice to have a free thing once in awhile to break it up. Went to this like “oh who cares what I look like i’m just gonna sweat and I refuse to put on makeup that makes no sense.” Basically I left the house looking like a troll and my shoes matched my leggings which looked odd and OF COURSE the guys teaching the class were hot and Australian. Sometimes the universe just likes to laugh at me and I find it irritating. Anyway, as far as the class goes, it was really awesome. I burned 465 calories according to my handy apple watch which I don’t know if I’ve ever done before? It was a HIIT style workout, which means you do 3 rounds of three different workouts for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest. Each round is about 12 minutes and by the end you are DEEEAADDD. It was a fantastic way to start my Saturday which was filled with a brunch that was in no way gluten-free, but very guilt-free because of the workout. Also, funny side note, one of the Australians was like “Thanks for coming!” and I was so close to saying you too, but I caught myself 1 second too late so what I ended up saying was “You-uh yeah sure” which was basically a stutter. I have never wanted to crawl into my shirt and evaporate more in my life.



So since I got a big girl job, I needed a big girl bag (cause that’s how life works). I really needed something I could just keep a bunch of stuff in if I was gonna be in the city all day and no time to go home real quick (I live far af currently). It took me like all day to decide which bag to get. I went to both the Kate Spade store and the Micheal Kors store and all of their bags were about 300. I make money now, but I ain’t trying to spend no 300 dollars on a bag, at least not right away sheesh. So i decided to just be basic and go to Macy’s. Luckily, they were having a sale and I found this beauty for a little over 100! Which is pretty damn good for a tote bag that’s designer if I do say so myself. I also picked up this lil pom pom just cause it was cute. I definitely recommend it and its still on sale so grab it while it lasts.


Un-success of the week√

(change that yasss to nooooooooo). As stated above, I do love NARS. Their blush is one of my favorites because it’s not too pink, and tends to stay put very well. HOWEVER, this stick-blush is the bane of my existence. I bought it one day when I was running out of the powder blush just to try it, and I’ve been trying to make this shit work for literally months! It’s mostly due to the fact that my skin is not as smooth as a baby’s butt, so it doesn’t go on smooth, and when I try to smooth it around, it comes off. I hesitate throwing it away because money, but there’s really nothing else I can do with it. Still love u NARS.



This Weeks Vibeź

Take a sip babes, the vibes are back in action.

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Banana Boat Summer Color ® Self-tanning Lotion @ Target $6.99

I thought I had given up on the whole self-tanning thing, but my mom had this one just collecting dust. So here I am trying out another self-tanner. This one is going pretty well! Although, I have been using it prreeeetttyyyy sparingly. It hasn’t gotten on my clothes and it doesn’t look like I murdered an orange person in the shower. It does smell odd, but they all kinda do in my opinion. 

Shiseido Eyelash Curler on Amazon $19.99

As you all know, my eyelashes are very straight and very annoying. HOWEVER, paired with this fabulous eyelash curler and my fave mascara, my little straight lashes are fiyah. I haven’t found one that makes my eyelashes stay up or hold their position as well as this curler (and I’ve tried a lot of those babies). 

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Corduroy Overall Dress @ Forever 21 $24.90

It’s already getting chilly in NYC (which is scary as heck), so I’m starting to focus on some transition pieces that aren’t too heavy for fall. This dress is suuuuppper cute and great with black or white (in my case black and white) and not too hot when walking these NYC streets. Also, it has pockets thank u lord. My sweater that I paired this with is gone peecon, but I liked three other options here, here, and here that are similar and would be just as cute!

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Daiya Cheddar Cheese 

One of the hardest things about my attempt at vegan-ism is the fact that I can’t eat cheese anymore (mac and cheese is life). I was at this little healthy store down the street getting groceries, and I stumbled across this gem. They had a few other kinds, but this seemed the safest to me. It’s actually really good guys. Not like its only good cause I have to eat it, but like actually pretty good. I was shocked. Good cheese made without dairy? I’ve officially seen everything.

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Aaptiv on the App Store $9.99 per month

After waking up with pizza sweats Monday morning (yes that’s a thing, maybe and we’ve all been there- don’t judge me), I decided to try this new app I recently downloaded for running and just training in general. I tried the strength training another day but it was really weird having someone tell you what to do without you seeing them do it, so that part was a fail. Yesterday, I picked a running exercise to do that was about 30 minutes total cause I didn’t wanna do too much on my first try. I also pick an intermediate level exercise because I’m not a beginner when it comes to running, but expert sounds a little too confident for me. I started the thing as the trainer coached me through what I was about to do and I was kinda nervous because she started by saying I was gonna be “cooked” by the end of it. I figured I could handle it since I do cardio a lot. She was right when she said I’d be “cooked.” If anything my ass was overdone. However, I recommend at least the free trial run of the 7 days because I managed to do 2 miles in 11 minutes (my regular time is 9 minutes for 1 mile). Also, my apple watch informed me that on this run I burned the most calories I’ve ever burned while running yay! For some reason it helps me if someone is telling me what to do. (I have great self-discipline, but it can only go so far once I’m winded). 

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Take Me by Aly & AJ

So it definitely must be 2007 because Aly and AJ are back banging out the hits again. I will admit it’s not Potential Break-up Song, but it’s so very poppy and has an awesome 80’s vibe to it that I always love.

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Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face on Netflix

Little known fact about me: I watch stand-up comedians like nobody’s fricken business. I wanna say the first comedian I ever really watched was Louis C.K. when I was in high school. This was before Netflix, so I watched him on YouTube (how I found that I have no clue at all). I must have watched his 2009 stand-up like a million times and it’s still one of my favorites. I also had the pleasure of seeing Aziz Ansari live in Baton Rouge and my cousin, Kristen, and I were basically crying with laughter. Probably one of the reasons I’m so excited about having moved to NYC is getting to see more of them live (Jim Gaffigan I am coming for u September 30th as soon as I get some money and a job). Anyway, I tend to be a little hesitant about watching new comedians (because i’ve seen some real doozies), but this dude was great. I love any comedian that talks about stuff I can relate to, obviously, and he touched on a lot of stuff about NYC people. (For instance when they say “I couldn’t live anywhere else” I died because someone literally said that to me the other day), dating (or lack-there-of) and babies (or lack-there-of). Highly recommend watching!

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Leather Slip-on Sneakers @ Steve Madden $59.95

I was lucky enough to get these shoes because I was returning a gift. I used the store credit from that return and I so glad I got them. I wear these babies a lot because they go with basically everything. They’re perfect for fall and winter with the quilted-looking design, but super durable because they’re leather, not suede. 

Un-success of the week√

So this isn’t necessarily a thing that failed me, but myself that failed, or maybe Rite Aid, I haven’t decided. I know from coming to NYC last year, that Target is a luxury that is not afforded to me anymore. (Today I did discover one in Brooklyn, but sadly it is like 45 minutes away by subway). I thought my AirBnb was SUPPOSED to give me towels for my showering use; however, that was not the case. September 6th was a very rainy day and I really needed to shower and get the airplane stink off of me so I trekked to the Rite Aid in hopes of finding towels. Rite Aid let me down. They didn’t even have my dry shampoo. I was at a loss. I then proceeded to go into another random grocery store and look again to no avail. My last-ditch attempt was a 99 cent store, which I assumed was like a Dollar General where I come from and the Lord blessed me and I found towels! I should have known, of course, that the dollar store would never let me down. I shall never doubt its powers again!

Thoughts I Had During Terrifying Turbulence

A few days ago, I flew to NYC in order to pursue my dreams of becoming an adult and getting a job (whatever or wherever that may be). My parents drove everywhere we ever went, so I’ve only flown twice in my entire 22 years of life (first time being last year for my first stay in NYC). Flying is the worst, I’m just gonna say it. The waiting is the absolute worst and that’s really all flying is, waiting. Waiting through security, waiting to get on the plane, waiting in line to get to your seat, waiting for them to take off (which can take FOREVER), waiting for the plane to land, waiting for the the plane to get to the little gate thingy (idk what its called but it feels like we drive around for 20 minutes just to get in that thing) and then waiting for everyone in front of you to get off so you can wait for you stupid bag and wait for your stupid cab. Basically, I’m taking notes from my family and I’m just gonna drive everywhere I ever wanna go (this will actually not happen since I have no car and I live in NYC and my family is in fricken Egypt, comparatively).

This particular flight was horrific because I narrowly missed my first flight for 6:30 am. To be honest, I shouldn’t have booked it that early. Who on planet earth wants to be up and functioning before 6 am? Sorry not me. I wanted to earliest I could get in order to avoid delays and get the flying part over with. Unfortunately, my mom(hey mom) set her alarm for 5 pm instead of am so we didn’t wake up until 5:30 aka the time I wanted to leave. I basically ran through everything and rushed to get out the door, but we didn’t make it until 5:50 meaning I didn’t get to the airport before 6:15. Unbeknownst to me, you can’t check a bag 15 minutes before your flight, so I missed it. I was already stressed and angry so after hearing this, I was basically spitting with fury and close to committing a murder suicide (obviously murdering this poor defenseless airline worker and then myself out of guilt). Weirdly, he was very calm and basically acted like this level of anger is normal in society (I mean maybe it is for him in this line of work, poor guy) and got me another flight for 12:25 with a 4 1/2 layover in Charlotte, NC. Not at all ideal, but I was flying out today, so I took it. My first flight was pretty smooth, I was all the way in the back, which was awful, but no one was next to me so that was a plus. Once I got to Charlotte I commenced the longest waiting game ever and a fight for outlets because my computer battery is a joke.

Around 7 pm is when the annoyance of flying turned into more annoyance and then horror. My dad texted me and told me the weather was supposed to be bad in Charlotte as we were leaving. I figured they would just avoid it because on my first flight, that’s what happened. At first, the plane was delayed for 30 minutes. Thank god I didn’t move because it changed back after like 10 minutes to being on schedule. So after boarding, we sit on the tarmac for an hour waiting to take off because of “traffic” (sounds fake tbh). It was so much more awful because every 10 minutes or so, the engine would pick up and I’d think we were about to take off and then, sadly, it would slow down again. Finally, we took off around 9:20. I settled in with my music for a nice flight, only to experience the worst turbulence I’ve ever felt, the kind where the whole plane goes up and down and your stomach drops and you feel like your looking death in the face. Here are some thoughts I had while think about my imminent death:

Holy shit I’m sorry I ever complained about being on the ground 

Thank God I out that rosary in my backpack before I left maybe it will save my soul after i die on this plane

I swear if I die on this plane with this psycho laughing next to me, I’m gonna be PISSED

 What if I end up like Tom Hanks and just go crazy on and island surrounded by dead people instead of dying???

Please be quick, lets just go out in a ball of fire or something.

Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually waiting to die, this must be some sort of plane irony.

Finally, after ascending enough, we made it out of the wind and the flight returned to normal. I thankfully am not dead next to a man who thinks my suffering is FUNNY and made it safe and sound to NYC. More posts to come about my coming adventures:)

7 Things You Only Know About Retail After Working In It

As I said last post, I’m switching it up this week and writing about something #relatable¿ or informative maybe? 

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my short 4 years in college. From certified Sandwich Artist (yes they actually call it that and its horrible) to childcare (fun but exhausting) to me recent stint as Sales Associate. I started working in retail as a way to make more money, in preparation for my graduation from college (and getting the hell out of dodge). Since making that endeavor, I’ve worked in 3 very different boutiques with very different clientele and staff.

My most recent retail job was by far my favorite. It was a place I’d shopped a bunch in my college years so I enjoyed getting to work in a place I already knew I liked (or that I liked the clothes at least). This was the job I learned the most, and got to be more hands-on and have more of a management role than my other retail jobs. I was the only full-time person there, which means I always knew the most about what we had in store and if anything went wrong, I was the first to deal with it. Also I had a lot of interaction with the owner and we got a long really well which helped a lot. 

Anyway, here’s 7 things I learned while working in retail that I think everyone should know (cause I didn’t know this stuff before I started). 

1. We have to hound you. 

Yes, we know its annoying but we have to. The complaint we get a lot is that we aren’t doing enough so we have to do the most in order to not get that complaint get the drift? Some people really do need help and will sometimes only say it after they’ve looked around a little. Everybody’s different.

2. Help us so we can help you, for the love of god.

If you tell us what you’re looking for and I show you 5 different things and you say “Ehhhh” for every single one, then it’s just gonna be a frustration fest for everyone involved. Tell me if you had something specific in mind or what you’re really looking for. If you don’t know then, girl, my ass for sure don’t know. I can only do so much.

3. If you call and ask us where we’re located, I’m gonna assume you’re either an 85 year old woman or don’t know how to use a phone.

Maps is literally built into your iPhone. Please use it. How do you get around in life without it. Do you use a real map?? Please join us in the 21st century ‘mam and just fricken google it.

4. Sometimes that outfit actually looks good on you, but sometimes I just want you to buy it and don’t care what the heck it looks like.

Let’s be real, I’m not your friend so therefore I can lie to you and not feel bad. Maybe it does really look awesome on you, but maybe I just want you to stop asking me 8 different times about it and go so I can get back to more pressing matters like my Instagram feed. Just ask your friends, they are way more reliable.

5. Sale stuff? That’s the stuff we couldn’t sell out of 5 years ago or the stuff no one wanted at full price 2 months ago. 

If the sale isn’t going on throughout the store, chances are its just the rejects of the full priced stuff we can’t seem to sell. However, if it’s a certain percentage off the whole store? That’s a damn good sale get on that. Granted, you could still find some gems in the sale racks (I’ve had my fair share of awesome finds), just don’t stress too much about it.

6. If you come in 10 minutes before we close, ur rude and we hate u.

We’re trying to close, we’ve probably straightened everything and cleaned up and now you think your time is more valuable than ours so you decide to show up just as we’re about to close. The worst is when people say “oh ya’ll close in 10 minutes oops haha” and continue to browse. You read the sign on the door, you know when we close. Nothing is more rude. There is not reason you would need to be in here.  Do you have a jean emergency??? (someone actually acted like her needing to look for jeans was some sort of emergency no lie). No such thing please leave.

7. This is my job, but in no way was I put on this earth to serve you.

People like to forget that we have lives. Yes, this is the only interaction you have with us, but we do have other things to do than help you purchase a banging top to go with your skinny jeans. Not just retail, but all customer service jobs can be hard and stressful. Sometimes we mess up, sometimes we aren’t having an amazing day but we gotta plaster the smile anyway. It costs nothing to be a little nicer to people, especially people who are just trying to do their jobs.

This Week’s Vibež

The vibes are back! I actually had some time this week after working like a crazy person at my J.O.B. (not having a real weekend is rough). Gonna try to mix it up next week and maybe do a life update/story?


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NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer(mini) @ Sephora $13.00 (Regular size $30.00)

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer- Pore Minimizing(mini) @ Sephora $16.00 (Regular $39.00)

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray (1oz) @ Sephora $15.00 (Regular $32.00)

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Travel Duo @ Sephora $35.00 (Regular $85.00)

Total Savings:  $107

Alright so I went to Sephora like a month ago because I needed my good concealer(still looking at something cheaper, but man this shit is good). Of course I got roped into getting setting spray and primer cause who can just go to Sephora and get one thing and leave (if you do I h*te you). As I was checking out, the line was long af, and they have a section of just travel sized stuff and random knicknacks. Well I found literally everything I was about to get, but way cheaper! Tbh this saved me money and I still haven’t run out, which is important since I don’t need to go to Sephora all the time and lose all my money thank you vry much. THE BEST THING EVER THAT I FOUND was Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf. The smallest bottle of this that you can get (that’s not a dumb roller ball) is $85 bucks, 85!!! But this magic kit comes with a little bottle, a refill and a fricken funnel!!!! and it’s only $35 dollars, which is amazing considering this perfume is fabbbbbb. I know they have it on the website, so it’s no real secret, but I never saw that ish so I know some people are wandering around buying giant bottles of everything unnecessarily. Ur welcome. 
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Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Top @ Forever 21 $19.90

Skinny Corduroy Overalls @ Forever 21 $32.90

Since I’m moving to NYC, I’ve decided to up my style game (lol). While I was over there, sometimes most of the time, I felt horribly under-dressed or like I was wearing the wrong thing. People just dress up more in NYC than they do down here, just for like basic shit like grocery shopping and lunch??? I didn’t see a single nike short and t-shirt combo the whole time I was there. So, yeah, I’m movin on to cuter stuff. This is all from Forever 21, cause I love that beautiful website, and costs about 60 bucks altogether. The shirt is an off-the-shoulder gingham top with super cute bell-sleeve detail. Normal off-the-shoulder stuff wants to pop back up so you gotta keep pulling that mf down off your shoulders all day (which annoys the hell out of me) but this one is literally sewn to stay off-the-shoulder – so no sliding up!! Trying out this new overall craze and I can’t say I’m mad about it. These are super cute and corduroy! Perf for fall and winter (comin up fast).  And y’all already know I’m wearing my 12 dollar white sneakers.




I made some really amazing vegan brownies last week using zucchini! For more info on the recipe here’s the link to that post. 

The other morning, I also made some super yummy vegan, peanut butter, and banana pancakes. So good and all I used was the regular Bisquik mix, almond milk and instead of an egg I used 1/4 cup of mashed banana. You can also sub applesauce, vegetable oil and even flax seeds for eggs!( which I want try cause I love flaxseeds). Side note- they cook faster than normal imo cause I burned one (or maybe I can’t cook?!?!) so definitely keep an eye on them. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 7.05.04 PM


Insanity is harrrrdddddddd. Especially if you haven’t done it in forever. I found this lovely gem which is Insanity, but really fast! 21 minutes! Its intense and I sweat my butt off, without having to sit through a 40 minute video. 

artworks-j2ZJA6Dcr4eQ-0-t500x500Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 7.28.34 PM.png


Dancing Queen By Daecolm on Spodify

Tbh, I hate when people take a current song and remix it, usually (does not include John Mayer’s cover of XO cause that is flawless). However, when it comes to remixing old songs and giving them a modern sound, I loooovvveeee. This one has some dance vibes with some awesome vocals. Definitely an awesome song worth a listen!

Below Deck Mediterranean on BravoTv

My roommate got me hooked on this random show and now I can’t stop watching it and I’m very sad this season ended :((((( It really gives you some cool perspective of crazy jobs in this world (tbh who doesn’t wanna travel the world while making bank?), and some #relatable customer service industry woes (can you say rude men who make you feel uncomfortable being around them, but you can’t leave cause its your job??). Everyone in this season was pretty problematic. (Malia and Wes???? come on !! barf me!!!) I really only cared about Bobby and Max (aka unproblematic British voice of reason) at the end of it lol. 

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Barre Class @ LSU Urec ($712.00 annually for an LSU Alumni)

I just happen to still have my school gym membership, by some stroke of luck, and by other stoke of luck, they have free classes. I did them last semester until they stopped for the summer and they’re finally back thank God! I love taking classes because they push me to do my best due to my annoying competitive nature. I gotta be the best lol. This is from my Barre class I took last week that killllleedddd my calf muscles and I burned double the calories that I normally do! Recommend Barre all day, everyday. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 7.41.46 PM

Un-success of the week√

Forever 21 let me down this week. I liked these pants because I really want some cute pants that aren’t jeans. They told me to size up on these online return only stupid pants cause they “run small.” They do not. They made me look chunky af and they were too big. So I had to pay 10 whooolleeee dollars to ship them back and get my 48 bucks back, and I hatteeeee returning stuff. I never do. Ever. But 50 bucks is a hefty sum. Never do online return only.

Broke Ventures: Vegan Dessert?

Since I’m trying to save money for my big move, I haven’t bought any cool stuff to rave about. So instead, I decided to try something a little different where I try stuff people rave about and see if its actually worth all the hoopla.

This past week I followed a new Instagram account called thevegan8. On her blog, she makes vegan meals or desserts with 8 ingredients or less. Since I’m trying to be vegan, but also can’t afford to buy millions of strange ass ingredients called for, I decided to give a couple of her desserts a try. They all claim to be super good and good for you, so lets find out.

Vegan Zucchini Fudgy Brownies

I’m not really an avid Pinterest searcher or whatever you wanna call it, but when I started cutting dairy and carbs out of my diet in April, I was on Pinterest a lot (during my classes of course) just to get ideas on what to make. They had a bunch of recipes that substituted veggies for certain foods like pasta sauce and bread. This one really sounded interesting to me just cause I love brownies and wanted to see if they would taste good or gross and plant-y. I tried to make Cheese Its once that didn’t have any actual cheese in it (dairy-free) and claimed it “tastes just like Cheese Its!” They came out bone-ass dry and awful. So hopefully this goes better than that…

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

The ingredients were kind of strange and I feel like you can only get them from Whole Foods, especially the oat flour and vegan chocolate chips. Here are the ingredients I purchased!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

So you need a food processor for this (although would a blender work?? who knows what the difference is tbh), and thank God I was at my mom’s because she had one cause I don’t be buyin that fancy shit. So anyway, this is what it looked like after grinding everything up:

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Pretty normal I’d say. I added some sugar to mine, not sure if i really needed it but my brain just said to put a little sugar, so I did. The amount really wasn’t much, which was weird, but overall normal.

After adding chocolate chips and baking it, that bish was pretty good. As she said in some of the notes, the chocolate chips make it suuupppeeerrr rich, but very fudge-like and so good. Definitely a 10/10 would try again.

This Week’s Vibezzz


SheaMoisture® African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask @ Target $2.24

I don’t know about you guys, but over the years I’ve heard a lot about African Black Soap and the magic it possesses when it comes to problem skin. I probably should’ve checked it out when I got a horrible stint of acne in my last year of high school, but the thought of my skin getting worse would’ve been too much to handle. I got this at Target cause it was right next to my faves Que Bella. I wouldn’t consider my skin “acne prone” anymore since Acutane, but I do still have the remains of what used to be awful skin that I wouldn’t mind some help in clearing up. I can’t say if it has any amazing powers (since I only just used it), but definitely smells good and made my skin uber soft. 

Maybelline® Lash Sensational Mascara(Waterproof) @ Target $6.99

When buying mascara at Target, one needs to stay on her toes and READ LABELS. I, did not, and it resulted in a wonderful mistake when I bought waterproof mascara. This stuff is amazing! My lashes stay up all day with no clumps! This is an especially amazing feat because my lashes are straight as they come.Yes, it can be slightly annoying to get off, but I just use some coco butter and its G-O-N-E. (i mean peep them lashes ya’ll)

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Qupid Studded booties on Amazon $34.99

I am living for these booties. The detail and the buckle are just so cute and I’m a sucker for grey stuff (don’t ask me why). Fall is coming up fast so grab ya some.

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Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate Granola Target $3.29

I love granola. I’ve read all the dumb crap that’s like Oh don’t eat too much of it!!!! It’s really not that good for you!!!! Screw you, man. I love cereal and this is my healthy version of it. I also added these amazing almonds for more crunch and raspberries cause those are just awesome in general. Don’t let the haters tell you its not good for you. You don’t need that kind of negativity. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 2.32.18 PM


15 Minute Fat Burning Workout Sarah’s day on YouTube

Ya’ll!!!!!! Ya girl finally did another fat burning workout video!!!! and its only 15 minutes!!!! It is seriously killer. I feel like she made this one harder than normal which I love (kinda). As usual, this works your entire body, but its super quick and I like to play weird raver techno when I do it (but low cause I workout early af). Enjoy!!



The Bold Type on Freeform

When I first saw this commercial earlier in the summer I was like ew barf Freeform trying to be “progressive” yawn, but this show is actually really good??? I’m a little partial because I love New York, but its really a fantastic show about women in their 20s and the shit I feel like we all go through. Also, their outfits are to die for in every episode. 

I Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man

This song feeds into my love for bops that have weird lyrics and I love this one. It came on at work once and I “upped” it on our Pandora so you know its good (and now it plays all the time to my delight and fear cause I’m gonna get sick of it). Definitely worth a listen if you like 80s stuff. 

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Clarisonic Facial Brush @ $169

I have been using this brush for like 8???? years I think and I swear nothing gets makeup off better or makes my face feel cleaner. When I don’t have it while traveling I freak out and wash my face twice lol. You gotta replace the brush every month (honestly who really does that cause not my ass), but I’ve never had to replace it! Super good investment.

IMG_3696.JPG Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Un-success of the week√

ALRIGHT I am about to just give up on self-tanners and let myself be ugly and pale cause these are annoying me. This thing is like a clear mist that goes on clear so you have no idea where you be puttin it, which is horrible. Then it’s like No need to rub it in!!! I’m like sweet! less work! well look at my fricken hand!!! and those weird circles are on my legs too just fyi. so yeah definitely gonna rub this crap in. Something I will say about it is it doesn’t come off on my stuff and doesn’t just wash off in the shower. So yeah. Being pale is hard. 


This Week’s Vibes



Bioré Deep Charcoal Cleanser @ Target $5.99

Got this on a whim not too long ago and prayed fiercely that it wouldn’t ruin my skin and praise! It makes me skin feel super refreshed and so so soft. I definitely feel like its way less harsh than the product I was using before and my skin looks brighter for sure. Its a win-win, honestly. 

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner @ Target $5.99

I love almost every liquid liner ever because, hello, liquid liner is the only way to go, but this one is probably my favorite. Maybe because I’m partial to Revlon products? (peep my lipstick in this pic and on my first post) At any rate, I love doing winged eyeliner and my secret is putting tape on the sides of my eyes to make it extra pointy!

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Super Skinny High Jeggings Blue/Black H&M $12.99

There’s nothing better than high-waisted jeans. The higher the better honestly, and these are suppeerrrr high.  I’ll probably never go back to low rise jeans with that awful major muffin top #momjeansforever. I love these because they’re stretchy, but hold their shape throughout the day and make my legs look skinny and crazy long. Best part? They’re on sale now!!! Cheap and amazing!!!

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I was totally gonna post a picture of the one I ate last night, but it was very unappealing hah. So here’s just a picture of the box:)))))) I love these things, they don’t taste weird or “fake” and have a pretty good amount of protein! Which I need since I’m trying to be more vegan-friendly. (note the word trying) I usually pair this with my fave, sriracha, some jalapeño and some avocado! So spicy and so good~~~

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.53.57 PM.png


So this girl is #goals. She’s basically built an empire from pilates and started her own workout clothing line, just from youtube! One of my absolute favorites of hers (I’ve done so very many of her videos), is her Plie Squat Challenge video. Definitely a killer leg workout and not super long, cause there’s nothing that bores me more than just rolling around on the floor for 40 minutes. Her videos are definitely worth checking out since all of them are done in real time, and usually no more than 15 minutes!


Big Little Lies On HBO

I read this book forever ago, as Liane Moriarty is one of my absolute favorite writers (so go read the book obvi), and I was finally able to watch the show! (shoutout to my mom for letting me use her HBO go hey mom). It’s basically like watching a 7 hour movie based on one of my favorite books, which is every book-nerds wet dream tbh. I loved Reese Witherspoon and how she really brought Madeline to life! A must watch ladies, especially since its up for a bunch of emmys so you know its good. 

Pod Save America on Spotify 

I’m not really one for podcasts, eve though people usually say they’re great for running, I find I really need music for that. I felt since I hadn’t been keeping up with the world around me recently, I should give these guys a try (they were featured on the Chelsea Handler show) and I’m glad I did! Keep in mind they’re very biased, but they really know the inner workings of politics since they have all worked with the Obama Administration. If you lean towards the left, as I do, then they’re worth a listen.

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Nike Free RN Flyknit @

I started running my junior year of college after some tough stuff got me down and have been (mostly) doing it ever since. In no way shape or form do I consider myself a runner by any means, but I do it whenever I have the energy and I feel like it’s a great way to get in some quick cardio without a machine. However, my old Nikes did not appreciate my running habits and the backs of them tore up in a matter of a few months. In comes free-runs to save the day! I love these because they’re so stylish and they have a sock-like feel so that they won’t bust up in the back when you run! A spurge for sure, but add it to your Christmas list, as I did. 

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Un-sucess of the week√

I was running out of my normal self-tanner recently and I also felt like the one I was using was maybe drying out my skin a little too much so I thought Why not try this lotion one? since the one I was using was more of a mousse. Wronnnggggggggggg!!!! This stuff bleeds onto my jeans and my sheets every time I put it on. I like the way it looks when I first use it, and then I just look white again after a few days (it’s supposed to last 7 days after 4 applications). I love u Sally Hansen, but you let me down this time.