Your Weekly Vibes

For the next couple weeks (while I still live in Bushwhick), this lil place is where I’ll be blogging the vibes. Basically I’m broke Carrie Bradshaw nbd.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Dove Dry Shampoo on Amazon $3.74

Not to be dramatic, but Dry Shampoo saved my life. I started using it probably my freshman year of college and fell in love. My hair is just naturally greasy and flat hair is not my friend so before this magic, I was just using good ole baby powder and headbands. The problem with dry shampoo, however, is some of them give you white hair and make it so dry and sticky. I have tried A BUNCH of different ones that smell weird or just don’t even do anything?? Thankfully, Dove doesnt leave white junk (unless you put like a pound of it, which I have done) and it gives my hair amazing volume, so I use it even when its not greasy, just flat af. In other words, my hair is 50% Dove dry shampoo always and forever.

Maybelline Color Correcting Pen @ Target $7.99

Okay so I’m so late to this game because I suck at makeup and really hate having a bunch of crap on my face all the time because breakouts. HOWEVER, this whole color correcting thing is something I can get behind. I put this on for the first time last week and legitimately forgot to put on my concealer after cause hashtag no redness!!!!!! Since this is the first one I’ve ever tried, I can’t say its the best, but its just green stuff so I doubt other ones are much different. (Also maybelline makes my fave mascara so its probably the best tbh).

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Stovepipe Pants @ H&M $29.99

Since I have a real people job, I gotta get real people clothes cause I can’t just wear jeans everyday. Literally as soon as I got the job I went to H&M and got these super cute pants. They have that low-key man-pants vibe, which is trendy***~~~ rn and very comfortable (plus real pockets). I’m wearing them with one of my favorite bodysuits that I’ve had for a while but here here and here are some cute ones too. Also wearing my new favorite belt and sneakers of course. And yes I did take this in the bathroom at work because I don’t have a full-length at home and I think it’s weird asking random people to take pictures of you ok!!!!!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


I know this is weird and i have no idea what possessed me to buy this, but I did. They’re actually good???? They taste the exact same, no joke. I actually starting to wonder what the heck are in these things, but also amazed at how much people stigmatize Vegans and Vegetarians as people who are like missing out on stuff, when really our shit taste the same and i don’t feel like a giant cow after.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Arms and Abs Blogalites 

Since I live upstairs and I ain’t got no space, its hard for me to find workouts that break a sweat but don’t make a bunch of noise. I’ve done a few of her “apartment friendly” workouts and they usually don’t do much for me, This one, however, I actually broke a pretty good lil sweat. Working out has been a struggle with my current schedule and living situation, but workouts like this definitely help.


I did a bunch of fun stuff this weekend since I got my first pay check lol and I just wanted a fun crazy weekend cause you need those every now and then.

Friday, I saw the one and only Jim Gaffigan live at the Beacon Theater which was so funny and cool. The theatre is gorgeousss and I felt real fancy in there. One of the things I’m learning to do in New York is spending a lot of time just with myself (just cause friends can sometimes be few and far between in a city like this). So I took my own beautiful ass to this show. It felt a little weird, not gonna lie, but I had fun and I got to see a comedian I would’ve never seen back home.

Saturday was one for the books. I explored SoHo with some cool ladies and I love that area and just wanna live there tbh. The shops were so fancy, we even went into this cool lil market and I almost went full-blown hipster and got some fake glasses (don’t even judge me). Got dinner at this stunning restaurant and bar called Antique Garage. They had chandeliers, a fancy bathroom, and a man was playing the piano in the corner. I wanted to like remember ever second of it forever! Definitely made me fall even more in love with NYC. Then went to a couple clubs, which made me nervous cause I haven’t been clubbing in NYC yet and it looks intensee. Somehow, the people I was with knew some club promoters, so my lucky butt got to enjoy drinks for free (no gross man required thank u). The music was fab and the company was fab-er so a successful Saturday night in the city!


Spluuurrrrrggeeeeeee™/ Un-success of the week√

I did Soul-cycle when I first came here last summer and I really liked it. For some reason, this time was a no-go. I guess since I’ve done cycling classes before this one was just sub-par?? I really don’t know, It really gave me a strange cult-y vibe with all the music and shouting and periodical darkness and it just wasn’t long enough for me (only about 15 minutes of straight work). I went in expecting to feel exhausted afterward and that’s just not what I got. Also, there was a weird part where we slowed down and I thought it was about to be over and then we picked it up again, only to stop after – it was strange. All around blah. (so this is un-success and a splurge)

My second un-success was me and color correcting. I got this shade because I have naturally dark circles, no matter how much I sleep (they do look worse when I don’t sleep, however). Not really paying much attention to the colors, like an idiot I got dark ass red and was then promptly informed by my beauty-expert friend that I should’ve gotten a peachy color. I tried to just make it work a couple times, but I just looked sickly and off cause it was just too dark for me. Also, I put it on the first day I got it and didn’t put makeup over it cause i never put makeup on on Sundays. Well I forgot about it and went to do my laundry and as I walked down the street I was getting some kinda weird looks and I was like wtf do I have food on my face??? and then I remembered my eyes looked like they had just finished bleeding which tends to frighten people.

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