7 Things You Only Know About Retail After Working In It

As I said last post, I’m switching it up this week and writing about something #relatable¿ or informative maybe? 

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my short 4 years in college. From certified Sandwich Artist (yes they actually call it that and its horrible) to childcare (fun but exhausting) to me recent stint as Sales Associate. I started working in retail as a way to make more money, in preparation for my graduation from college (and getting the hell out of dodge). Since making that endeavor, I’ve worked in 3 very different boutiques with very different clientele and staff.

My most recent retail job was by far my favorite. It was a place I’d shopped a bunch in my college years so I enjoyed getting to work in a place I already knew I liked (or that I liked the clothes at least). This was the job I learned the most, and got to be more hands-on and have more of a management role than my other retail jobs. I was the only full-time person there, which means I always knew the most about what we had in store and if anything went wrong, I was the first to deal with it. Also I had a lot of interaction with the owner and we got a long really well which helped a lot. 

Anyway, here’s 7 things I learned while working in retail that I think everyone should know (cause I didn’t know this stuff before I started). 

1. We have to hound you. 

Yes, we know its annoying but we have to. The complaint we get a lot is that we aren’t doing enough so we have to do the most in order to not get that complaint get the drift? Some people really do need help and will sometimes only say it after they’ve looked around a little. Everybody’s different.

2. Help us so we can help you, for the love of god.

If you tell us what you’re looking for and I show you 5 different things and you say “Ehhhh” for every single one, then it’s just gonna be a frustration fest for everyone involved. Tell me if you had something specific in mind or what you’re really looking for. If you don’t know then, girl, my ass for sure don’t know. I can only do so much.

3. If you call and ask us where we’re located, I’m gonna assume you’re either an 85 year old woman or don’t know how to use a phone.

Maps is literally built into your iPhone. Please use it. How do you get around in life without it. Do you use a real map?? Please join us in the 21st century ‘mam and just fricken google it.

4. Sometimes that outfit actually looks good on you, but sometimes I just want you to buy it and don’t care what the heck it looks like.

Let’s be real, I’m not your friend so therefore I can lie to you and not feel bad. Maybe it does really look awesome on you, but maybe I just want you to stop asking me 8 different times about it and go so I can get back to more pressing matters like my Instagram feed. Just ask your friends, they are way more reliable.

5. Sale stuff? That’s the stuff we couldn’t sell out of 5 years ago or the stuff no one wanted at full price 2 months ago. 

If the sale isn’t going on throughout the store, chances are its just the rejects of the full priced stuff we can’t seem to sell. However, if it’s a certain percentage off the whole store? That’s a damn good sale get on that. Granted, you could still find some gems in the sale racks (I’ve had my fair share of awesome finds), just don’t stress too much about it.

6. If you come in 10 minutes before we close, ur rude and we hate u.

We’re trying to close, we’ve probably straightened everything and cleaned up and now you think your time is more valuable than ours so you decide to show up just as we’re about to close. The worst is when people say “oh ya’ll close in 10 minutes oops haha” and continue to browse. You read the sign on the door, you know when we close. Nothing is more rude. There is not reason you would need to be in here.  Do you have a jean emergency??? (someone actually acted like her needing to look for jeans was some sort of emergency no lie). No such thing please leave.

7. This is my job, but in no way was I put on this earth to serve you.

People like to forget that we have lives. Yes, this is the only interaction you have with us, but we do have other things to do than help you purchase a banging top to go with your skinny jeans. Not just retail, but all customer service jobs can be hard and stressful. Sometimes we mess up, sometimes we aren’t having an amazing day but we gotta plaster the smile anyway. It costs nothing to be a little nicer to people, especially people who are just trying to do their jobs.

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