This Week’s Vibezzz


SheaMoisture® African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask @ Target $2.24

I don’t know about you guys, but over the years I’ve heard a lot about African Black Soap and the magic it possesses when it comes to problem skin. I probably should’ve checked it out when I got a horrible stint of acne in my last year of high school, but the thought of my skin getting worse would’ve been too much to handle. I got this at Target cause it was right next to my faves Que Bella. I wouldn’t consider my skin “acne prone” anymore since Acutane, but I do still have the remains of what used to be awful skin that I wouldn’t mind some help in clearing up. I can’t say if it has any amazing powers (since I only just used it), but definitely smells good and made my skin uber soft. 

Maybelline® Lash Sensational Mascara(Waterproof) @ Target $6.99

When buying mascara at Target, one needs to stay on her toes and READ LABELS. I, did not, and it resulted in a wonderful mistake when I bought waterproof mascara. This stuff is amazing! My lashes stay up all day with no clumps! This is an especially amazing feat because my lashes are straight as they come.Yes, it can be slightly annoying to get off, but I just use some coco butter and its G-O-N-E. (i mean peep them lashes ya’ll)

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Qupid Studded booties on Amazon $34.99

I am living for these booties. The detail and the buckle are just so cute and I’m a sucker for grey stuff (don’t ask me why). Fall is coming up fast so grab ya some.

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Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate Granola Target $3.29

I love granola. I’ve read all the dumb crap that’s like Oh don’t eat too much of it!!!! It’s really not that good for you!!!! Screw you, man. I love cereal and this is my healthy version of it. I also added these amazing almonds for more crunch and raspberries cause those are just awesome in general. Don’t let the haters tell you its not good for you. You don’t need that kind of negativity. 

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15 Minute Fat Burning Workout Sarah’s day on YouTube

Ya’ll!!!!!! Ya girl finally did another fat burning workout video!!!! and its only 15 minutes!!!! It is seriously killer. I feel like she made this one harder than normal which I love (kinda). As usual, this works your entire body, but its super quick and I like to play weird raver techno when I do it (but low cause I workout early af). Enjoy!!



The Bold Type on Freeform

When I first saw this commercial earlier in the summer I was like ew barf Freeform trying to be “progressive” yawn, but this show is actually really good??? I’m a little partial because I love New York, but its really a fantastic show about women in their 20s and the shit I feel like we all go through. Also, their outfits are to die for in every episode. 

I Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man

This song feeds into my love for bops that have weird lyrics and I love this one. It came on at work once and I “upped” it on our Pandora so you know its good (and now it plays all the time to my delight and fear cause I’m gonna get sick of it). Definitely worth a listen if you like 80s stuff. 

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Clarisonic Facial Brush @ $169

I have been using this brush for like 8???? years I think and I swear nothing gets makeup off better or makes my face feel cleaner. When I don’t have it while traveling I freak out and wash my face twice lol. You gotta replace the brush every month (honestly who really does that cause not my ass), but I’ve never had to replace it! Super good investment.

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Un-success of the week√

ALRIGHT I am about to just give up on self-tanners and let myself be ugly and pale cause these are annoying me. This thing is like a clear mist that goes on clear so you have no idea where you be puttin it, which is horrible. Then it’s like No need to rub it in!!! I’m like sweet! less work! well look at my fricken hand!!! and those weird circles are on my legs too just fyi. so yeah definitely gonna rub this crap in. Something I will say about it is it doesn’t come off on my stuff and doesn’t just wash off in the shower. So yeah. Being pale is hard. 


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