This Week’s Vibes



Bioré Deep Charcoal Cleanser @ Target $5.99

Got this on a whim not too long ago and prayed fiercely that it wouldn’t ruin my skin and praise! It makes me skin feel super refreshed and so so soft. I definitely feel like its way less harsh than the product I was using before and my skin looks brighter for sure. Its a win-win, honestly. 

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner @ Target $5.99

I love almost every liquid liner ever because, hello, liquid liner is the only way to go, but this one is probably my favorite. Maybe because I’m partial to Revlon products? (peep my lipstick in this pic and on my first post) At any rate, I love doing winged eyeliner and my secret is putting tape on the sides of my eyes to make it extra pointy!

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Super Skinny High Jeggings Blue/Black H&M $12.99

There’s nothing better than high-waisted jeans. The higher the better honestly, and these are suppeerrrr high.  I’ll probably never go back to low rise jeans with that awful major muffin top #momjeansforever. I love these because they’re stretchy, but hold their shape throughout the day and make my legs look skinny and crazy long. Best part? They’re on sale now!!! Cheap and amazing!!!

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I was totally gonna post a picture of the one I ate last night, but it was very unappealing hah. So here’s just a picture of the box:)))))) I love these things, they don’t taste weird or “fake” and have a pretty good amount of protein! Which I need since I’m trying to be more vegan-friendly. (note the word trying) I usually pair this with my fave, sriracha, some jalapeño and some avocado! So spicy and so good~~~

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So this girl is #goals. She’s basically built an empire from pilates and started her own workout clothing line, just from youtube! One of my absolute favorites of hers (I’ve done so very many of her videos), is her Plie Squat Challenge video. Definitely a killer leg workout and not super long, cause there’s nothing that bores me more than just rolling around on the floor for 40 minutes. Her videos are definitely worth checking out since all of them are done in real time, and usually no more than 15 minutes!


Big Little Lies On HBO

I read this book forever ago, as Liane Moriarty is one of my absolute favorite writers (so go read the book obvi), and I was finally able to watch the show! (shoutout to my mom for letting me use her HBO go hey mom). It’s basically like watching a 7 hour movie based on one of my favorite books, which is every book-nerds wet dream tbh. I loved Reese Witherspoon and how she really brought Madeline to life! A must watch ladies, especially since its up for a bunch of emmys so you know its good. 

Pod Save America on Spotify 

I’m not really one for podcasts, eve though people usually say they’re great for running, I find I really need music for that. I felt since I hadn’t been keeping up with the world around me recently, I should give these guys a try (they were featured on the Chelsea Handler show) and I’m glad I did! Keep in mind they’re very biased, but they really know the inner workings of politics since they have all worked with the Obama Administration. If you lean towards the left, as I do, then they’re worth a listen.

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Nike Free RN Flyknit @

I started running my junior year of college after some tough stuff got me down and have been (mostly) doing it ever since. In no way shape or form do I consider myself a runner by any means, but I do it whenever I have the energy and I feel like it’s a great way to get in some quick cardio without a machine. However, my old Nikes did not appreciate my running habits and the backs of them tore up in a matter of a few months. In comes free-runs to save the day! I love these because they’re so stylish and they have a sock-like feel so that they won’t bust up in the back when you run! A spurge for sure, but add it to your Christmas list, as I did. 

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Un-sucess of the week√

I was running out of my normal self-tanner recently and I also felt like the one I was using was maybe drying out my skin a little too much so I thought Why not try this lotion one? since the one I was using was more of a mousse. Wronnnggggggggggg!!!! This stuff bleeds onto my jeans and my sheets every time I put it on. I like the way it looks when I first use it, and then I just look white again after a few days (it’s supposed to last 7 days after 4 applications). I love u Sally Hansen, but you let me down this time.

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