This Week’s Vibes

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Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition @ bh Cosmetics $22.50

Okay so I found this God sent highlighter palette literally just looking at a random beauty bloggers Instagram and I was like zaaammmmnnnn. Then I saw the price and I was like ZAMMMMMMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!! (just so ya’ll know I looked for it on Amazon and its double the price bye). It took me a while to get on the highlighter bandwagon because I always felt too shiny and overdone, but ya girl is on the wagon now. Beep beep look at that highlight¡¡¡ okay I’m done. 

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Tassel Earrings  on Etsy $9.99

Tassel earrings have been a growing trend lately and, as with most trends and with me cause I’m stubborn, I was hesitant. But after wearing them for a day I’m pretty much in love. The ones I’m wearing are some we have in the boutique where I work. They run around 24 bucks BUT!! I found them for 10 BUCKS on Etsy!!! And they have a crap ton of great colors and mis-matched colors. I also found these more circular ones that are super cute for only 15! Bargains on Bargains

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The Bags Under My Eyes are Designer @ Shein $10.00

Cuffed Distressed Denim Shorts @ Forever 21 $19.90

Canvas Plimsolls @ Forever 21 $10.90

Layered Beaded Chocker @ Forever 21 $10.90

I was on Instagram the other day, just like going through my explore page, and I saw this suuuppeerrr classy outfit from this random girl that I really wanted to copy (as seen above). Her outfit also included a white blazer (which I didn’t have at the time) but I love this outfit so so much as a cute casual outfit that steps up your style game without looking too fancy (imo). No idea how much her’s cost but lucky for you guys!!! Mine is super cheap! My shirt is from Shein (which I know is a weird site that can kinda be a hit or miss with clothes but they have reviews and mine just happened to work out), but unfortunately they don’t have my exact shirt anymore so here’s another really cute one that could work. My shorts and shoes are Forever 21 and adding a statement necklace really brings the whole thing together (I’m linking this one, but the one in the picture is just borrowed from work, hah). This entire outfit is a grand total of a little over 50 bucks, which in my humble opinion is pretty fricken good considering just shoes can cost that much.

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The Candy Cup Special @ The Big Chill

No healthy food post, this week we livin’ our best lives. I found these super crazy sno cones right in my area thank u lord. They have candy ones and cheesecake oreo ones, its insane. If you’re in Breaux Bridge Louisiana, or passing through like me, check ’em out they are delish. I mean look at all that candy¡

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.19.55 AM


Oblique Killer Workout Rebecca Louise on Youtube

I branched out a little bit this week and tried another new video and it was a success! I have tried a few of her videos before, but this one realllly killed my obliques and for some reason this week I was really trying to kill my abs. I definitely recommend using her videos although her newer ones seem to work better for me. Apparently I like the Aussies since my last post was featuring and Australian too??? They know their fitness what can I say.

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Friends From College on Netflix

I know we’re all shocked I’m watching wayyyyyy too much Netflix these days. But anyway, I was kinda on the fence about this show at first cause #cantrelate to 40 year old struggles. Its about them all getting back together after moving away after college and its a huge mess of course. The scene that sold me though, is the one where Max doesn’t pay attention in any of the meetings at his office for like 6 months and its pretty fricken funny (spoiler alert?). Honestly Fred Savage (Max) and Jae Suh Park (Marriane) make this whole show (which helps the fact that the girl who played Robin in the God awful show “How I Met Your Mother” is in it and she’s as annoying as ever).


Girls In White Dresses on Amazon $5.99

This book I really liked because it’s all about the confusing crap I’m going through right now as a 20-something. From awkward baby showers (cause you have no babies) to figuring out what to do in a job you hate but also have no idea what you should do instead (aka me sorta).




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