Things to Love This Week



Que Bella® Masks @ Target $1.99

So I found these gems one day looking at the bubble bath section of Target one day. I figured I’d just try a couple cause they were super cheap and I also felt boujee  special cause I was taking french and knew what que bella meant. I’m picturing these two because these are the ones I just got, but my favorites are the Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Mask and the Cherry Apricot Exfoliator Cleanser .    

Revlon® Ultra HD Matte Lip Color  @ Target $7.19

I actually have two of these, this one being a more nude color and this super vibrant red! They both have some awesome staying power, so cheap and easy to use. These are great for people like me who only really wear lipstick if they’re trying to be super •Extra• going out, but also are not gonna remember to keep checking it cause it holds up all night  (sans kissing tho;) ). 

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Neck Scarf @ Target $5.99

I was hesitant about this whole tiny neck scarf revival trend (as I am with all weird trends *cough* tassels), but I really liked putting this one in my hair for a pop of color that matched my lips. Maybe Ill try one on my actual neck next time?? Here’s one I thought was cute from Target since the one I’m wearing I just cut out of an actual scarf whoops. 



Sriracha Sauce @ Target $2.99

*Technically* got this at the Dollar Store after I forgot to grab it at Target, which is typical, but I don’t even think they have a website and no clue how much it even was there (1 dollar????).  Anyway, this bottle will probably last me forever because I can only put 3 drops total on anything I eat, but it’s so good. Even with just 3 drops you can still really taste it. Here’s a link for the good stuff.

Flaxseeds @ Target $2.69

Okay I know it’s weird that I even included these cause they taste like literally nothing with a crunch, but¡¡¡¡¡¡ that’s the beauty of these babies, ya’ll. I put these in my oatmeal (like maybe a tablespoon) and I really feel a difference in my digestion. If you ever feel bloated and gross after a pizza weekend, I suggest this to *ahem* clean you out  *ahem* and restart ya health for the week. 

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Sarahs Day on Youtube Frrreeeeeeeeee

I’m always trying to do different stuff with my workouts because I get bored easily, which means I get less motivated to do anything. I found Sarah’s Day as a suggestion from Youtube of junk I might like. I love love love her three 15 minute videos where she does the full workout with you in real time. I wish she had more of them, but unfortunately she mostly just shows you what she does in a gym in her other videos. I mostly prefer when someone does the workout in real time rather than just saying “do this 3 times for 30 seconds!” because usually I just do it twice and get bored. Some of the other videos say stuff like “do this video 4 more times!” and after the second time I’m like “oh no girl, bye I’m sick of this.” So in other words, I love when a video is a real workout in real time because I’m wayyyy less likely to stop a video in the middle. Here’s my favorite one of her 15 minute videos!



The Kept Woman Karin Slaughter on Amazon $15.17 (Paperback)

I just finished this book and wow. Not quiet as twisted as her Pretty Girls: A Novel, but still on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what the heck is going on. This one focuses on Will Trent, a detective for the Atlanta PD and his crazy relationship with ex-cop and crazy woman Angela Polanski. All the twists and turns definitely kept me going, which means I finished it in about one day. Then I came to realize I had skipped the entire Will Trent series and just read the ending without realizing it (ha who let me do this), I really didn’t have to have any prior info about the characters to understand the novel thank God.  

Sweat by The All-American Rejects 

Is it 8th grade again? 2009?? Nope, but The All-American Rejects came out with another banger anyway. This song definitely takes me back to my angsty middle school alternative rock days (cause who wasn’t angsty at 13 for no reason?). Just listen to feel the nostalgia

Once Upon A Time on ABC

I started watching this show the second it came out and love loved it. It’s all about this woman who is found by her son she gave up for adoption, who tries to convince her she’s the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Sounds kinda off the wall, but as a child of fairy-tales and Harry Potter, I loved it. After a while they started introducing Elsa and Anna from frozen and I did a huge *eye roll* and stopped watching. But seriously, the first few seasons are great, but after that ehhh. 



NARS The Multiple @ Sephora $39.99

So holy heck I didn’t know this thing was this expensive until I looked it up, sheesh. I got this on a whim/ Sehpora haul and didn’t think anything of it. This is why I always get up to the register and have to suppress my cringe face every time they read me my total. When I first got this I hated it. I couldn’t figure out how to make it go where it wanted it to go and I’d end up just rubbing it off. I finally just put it in a spot and left it and realized I actually loved it highlighter look of it. Definitely a splurge, but should last a while since the stick is huge and I only use a couple swipes. 

Un-success of the week√

Love Sweat Fitness on YouTube

As I said before, I love trying new things when I workout. Something I started doing a few months ago, sort of as a revamping of my health and fitness, was Barre classes. At the time, the studio I was going to was fairly new, so they had free classes a lot. I couldn’t keep paying for the classes (the monthly fee was like 100 bucks) so I had to find other alternatives. When I saw Love Sweat Fitness’s Lower Abs Barre Bootcamp , I was like awesome I love barre! Unfortunately this was a super-easy beginners workout that basically did nothing for my abs (which are pretty strong I might add). That’s not to say all of her workouts are like this, I will definitely be trying them again! This one was a definite miss. 

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